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Hi Andrea, So sorry to hear about your sister. You could look for a doctor with American College for Advancement in Medicine ( Those physicians should be able to address systemic fungal infections. It would be a good starting place. Also -- American Academy of Environmental Medicine. Check the info provided for each doctor to try to find a match and experienced practitioner for what you need. Wishing you the best.

Andrea Smith

I would like for Doug to recommend a doctor in Chicago il my sister is very sick We know it's fungus thank you Andrea

Martha Cortez

I like to know if there is a Doc. That Doug recommends in Orange County or San Diego California.

Thank you,


Trying to find the best remedie for Acid Reflux.
Please recommend the best treatment.
I am 26 years old.


I loved to talk to Dr Kaufman or interested in seeing a physician who follows his protocol on treatment in Los Angeles area recomend? Thank You.

Cpr Online

I have tried prolotherapy, physical therapy, ultrasound,stem cells, prp, and once on the ARP machine which I could not tolerate. Any advise would be appreciated.

Chiropractor Kansas City

I have tried prolotherapy, physical therapy, ultrasound,stem cells, prp, and once on the ARP machine which I could not tolerate. Any advise would be appreciated.

Jeane Spealman

What do you recommend for treatment for A-Fib and Restless Legs? I am taking Flecainide and Warfarin for the A-Fib, and Gabapentin for the Restless Legs.


Where can I find a copy of the phase one diet?

Santa Barbara Optometrist

His show and books focus on the fungal and food connection with illness, and his TV show reaches an audience of 80 million.

Margaret Hirst

I have been struggling with yeast infections and candida for more than eight years now. I have been on a candida free diet and taken several supplements, for many years yet still I couldn,t regain full health. I stumbled accross Doug Kaufmann on line, and for the last two months I have been on the phase 1 diet. Slowly I am regaining my health, energy levels improving, less pain in joints etc. I am also taking Dr, Ohirras probiotic, which cost me a lot of money, as I live in England and have to pay, postage, customs and brokerage charges to get them. I have been taking them for about nine days now and am experiencing to nasty die off effects which I pray is a good sign, so I will keep going with this programme. I think Doug Kaufmann is an angel in diguise, I believe his theory on fungus is spot on. Many thanks.

Judy Hauglund

Your show today about cholestasis in pregnancy, really upset me, beings that my daughter delivered a beautiful baby girl 11 yrs ago, 3 months early. She had cholestasis, but this is the first time i heard a name put to it. It materialized into toxemia. She had 5 doctors in a womens group and none of them knew what was bothering her. She was miserable and was bleeding from the itching. My grandaughter has had development problems, but through the grace of God is doing pretty well, she is in special ed. Doctors usually dismissed her as being to dramatic, being a first time mother. Even her complaints of swelling was not taken seriously, until her blood pressure shot up and she had an emergency C-section.

chiropractor Burwood pinched nerve

I agree with Doug Kaufmann when he said "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got.". You need to change your lifestyle to change your health.


I would like to know is the phase one diet better than the vegan and vegetarian? I have friends they keep wanted me to try vegan or vegetarian, I want to pick what is better. Why does it have to be so darn confusing. Please help! I value your opinion. Thank you,

Betty Dorsey

I am in desperate need of help from someone that can lead me in the right direction.My knee is bent and I can not straighten it so I walk with a limp. MRI showed 1.moderately severe osteoarthritis in medial compartment.2.degeneration and tea, medial meniscus.3.chondromalacia of the patella.4.severe tear of acl 5.partial intrasubstance tear or sprain of pcl.6.moderate size joint effusion. I want to avoid surgery but can I be helped anyother way. I have tried prolotherapy, physical therapy, ultrasound,stem cells, prp, and once on the ARP machine which I could not tolerate. Any advise would be appreciated.

Irina Krasun

I was experiancing MS like simptoms after taking antibiotics for H pylori, and after taking Dougs advise I am on the road to reecovery!! Thank you for your amazing program I thank the Lord every day for Doug!!

Janet Baron

I am interested in seeing a physician who follows Dr. Kaufman's protocol on treatment. Do you know if there is a physician in the Houston area he would recomend? Thank You.

Randy Rudd

I've been watching Doug for about three years now. Two years ago I was diagnosed with a low-grade malignant brain tumor. Did the conventional chemo treatment but augmented it with Phase One, supplementation, everything in his arsenal. I feel well, back to a rigorous exercise regimen, and scaly skin patches have all but vanished. Doug is a diamond in the rough.

Rhonda Wallace

Does Doug Kaufmann have any classes he teaches for certification or licensing?
I work as a L.V.N. and also took a 14 month course in Nat. Medicine, Homeopathy, etc... and am certified as a colon hydrotherapist.
I am seriously interested in furthering my education in Mycology/Fungus but not in a lab scenario. Could you point me in the right direction?

eTX Natural Wellness Expo

Meet Doug Kaufmann in person at the eTX Natural Wellness Expo in Tyler, TX - April 17-18, 2010. See for details. He will be lecturing both days, as well as participate in a Q&A forum with Jordan Rubin, Sally Fallon, & Robert Scott Bell!

mary johnson

For April, go to Know the
For the polyps try Olive Leaf Extract,either from Seagate or BioActive
Also, by going to Know the cause you will learn how to eliminate the polyps,etc.!It will change your life and your sons!!

mary johnson

Go to
you will find the answers to knowing the cause!!!! it will change your life!!!

April Earickson

My son, 36 years old, has had problems with catching his breath while cycling, and cannot smell or taste anything. After seeing several doctors he has been diagnosed with nasal polyps. This is very disturbing because they have to break his nose, ream it out with no guarantees for the future. Would love to hear an alternative.

Sheila Rogers

Suzie, I apologize for the late response, I missed this when it came in. I have checked with a leading neuro-oncologist and have a referral for you. I will send it to your email address today, please watch for it and let me know if you don't receive it.So sorry you are going through so much. Sheila (

Susie Collins

I am existing, not really living due to extreme pain. It began in about 2003 in a specific area of my mid back close to my spine. I saw chiropractors, physical therapists, used a TENS unit with no relief. In May 2009 I went to two different clinics where MRI's showed a large benign tumor on my spinal cord.A Neurosurgeon at BaylorClinic did surgery and took six pieces but decided it was too large to try to remove. They haven't really offered me any other solutions. I know God has an answer for me. Please email or call me with any thoughts as to how I can get some help. I believe Mt 15:13 what God hasn't planted in me is to be pulled up at the roots.


Please go to and watch his shows...They helped me and he has changed my life...FOREVER!!! Also, get his books, they are lifesavers!!!

Kathleen Manganaro

Is chronic fatigue syndrome fungal related too?????

Ruth Herring

I have tried without success to e-mail Doug Kaufmann, cannot get his e-mail address. Could you please help.

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